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Unge der fester og danser til Kontur 21

Guide to your student city

It can be overwhelming to be new in town. How do you find a place to live? Where are the coolest places to go out? How do you get around? And where should you go to work out, see concerts, or have a picnic?

Don't worry - we'll answer your questions and guide you through EVERYTHING you need to know as a newcomer to the city.

Kolding as a student city
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Content for your free time

Sports, food, music, sustainability, or just good friends?

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Art, bars, music, and underground

Kolding has it all and more!
There are so many cool places in the city that you should know about. Find them here!

Kolding Gems
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Det røde kollegie NY


There are over 1,200 youth and student apartments in Kolding, most of which are ideally located in relation to educational institutions and the city center. In addition, Kolding offers housing guarantee to all those who choose to move to the city to study.

Learn more about the housing guarantee and how to find your perfect student apartment here.

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Campus Sport

Campus Sport

Campus Sport offers several free and association-run activities for students living in Kolding.

A large selection of activities has already started, but new ones are being started all the time, so keep an eye out!

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