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Campus Sport

Created 13 March 2024


Become part of the community with Campus Sport

Campus Sport offers several free and association-run activities for students living in Kolding.

Campus Sport is an association with a focus on joint activities on the grounds of the educational institutions based on the students' wishes and needs.

The association helps to create a healthy study environment, where movement and exercise are prioritized and made available to everyone interested. In addition, the activities also help to create the framework for community across institutions and studies.

The activities are free or cheap, involve movement and take place all year round.

Campus Sport has already started a large selection of activities, but new activities are being started all the time, so keep an eye on their Instagram!

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Here you will find all the activities that you can participate in with Campus Sport. If you have any ideas for other activities, please contact Kristian from Campus Sport at

Volleyball - Mondays at 3.30 PM - 5.30 PM

Play volleyball with Kolding Volleyball Club and learn to set up, serve and score a point! It is free, does not require registration and takes place at UC SYD Hallen, Universitetsparken 2.
Contact person: Karsten Strandridder -

Kickboxing - Mondays and Wednesdays at 4.30 PM - 5.30 PM

Try your hand at kickboxing with Kolding Kickboxing, where you learn the best techniques in a safe environment. It is free, does not require registration and takes place at Idrætsbygningen, Brostræde 3, 1st floor.
Contact person: Bente Lund -

Dance - Mondays at 4.45 PM - 6.15 PM

Express yourself creatively through the movements of the body, while you are instructed in the coolest moves of the time. It costs 25 DKK, does not require registration and takes place at Nicolai Scene, Skolegade 2C.
Contact person: Christina Sapounidou -


Saunagus - Tuesdays at 8 PM - 10 PM

Take a cold dip in the Slotssøbadet and then jump straight into the hot sauna, which is open from 20:00. What's not to like? It costs DKK 35 incl. access to Slotsøbadet at Slotsøbadet, Hospitalsgade 16. Registration is on a first come, first served principle by writing to Kristian Bonde at

Football - Tuesdays at 7.30 PM - 9 PM

Dribble your way to the finish line with the right techniques and momentum and imagine the crowd cheering you on as you are instructed on kick angles and so much more! It is free, does not require registration and takes place at Kolding Stadium, Marcus Allé 30.
Contact person: Issidor Kristensen -

Yoga - Thursdays at 6.45 PM - 7.45 PM

Let the body and mind settle down, while the thoughts, worries and tensions of the day slowly disappear in favor of relaxing movements. It is free, does not require registration and takes place at KUC, Ågade 27.
Contact person: Laura Kohl -

Padel - takes place continuously

Participate in regular padel events organized for students, where there will be played, for example, americano tournaments or the like. If you want to hear more about the next event or would like to help organize it, contact Kristian Bonde at

Are you up for even more super cool activities? So read more here.

Try the training containers

If you are more into traditional training with loose weights and various equipment that trains the whole body, then you can get access to training containers filled with equipment close to the Campus area. You can gain access by ordering a personal code, which must then be entered into a digital padlock.

Order your code to access the training container

At the training container at Åstien (Kolding Åpark 11), free fitness classes are held every week for all students on higher education in Kolding from 16:30-17:30. Monday is intro to strength training, Wednesday is functional strength training & cardio, and Thursday is classic strength training.