Designskolen Kolding

The School of Design in Kolding educates designers at the bachelor's and master's level in the following fields:

  • accessory design

  • clothing design

  • industrial design

  • communication design

  • textile design

In the master's program, students build on the knowledge and skills acquired during their bachelor's program and choose from three thematic focus areas:

  • Sustainability and design (Design for Planet)

  • Play and design (Design for Play)

  • Social design (Design for People)

The focus areas are a unique opportunity to connect and develop one's field of study and learning towards topics and industries that one is passionate about and sees oneself contributing to in the future. Design School Kolding is built on the Danish design tradition and focuses on meaningful design that can contribute to changing the world.

The school provides excellent workshop facilities where students can work with materials 1:1. Around 350 active students, including Ph.D. students, are enrolled in the school, and approximately 90 new students are admitted each year. The school differs from traditional universities by assessing the suitability and talent of applicants individually during the admissions process. The school fosters and nurtures talent, challenging students to reflect on their own processes and collaborate on specific tasks, often in collaboration with industry partners. The school has a long list of partners, including both small and large companies such as Lego Foundation, as well as several municipalities, regions, and organizations. Design School Kolding also collaborates with Danish and international universities and design institutions.

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Phone: 76 30 11 00