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Created 10 May 2023


Kolding as a Student City

Welcome to a student city where you're always close to what you need. Close to your studies, close to the city's offerings, and close to your fellow students.

It's not Denmark's largest city that you've landed in, but you should actually be happy about that. Here, you're not just a number in a huge auditorium. Everyone knows each other at your university, and your instructor actually knows your name. Even though Slicetown is not a big city, Kolding is actually a wonderland of offerings - whether you're looking for your next cultural fix or nature experiences. But if there's still something you're missing, the city is ready to help you fulfill your wild ideas on how Kolding can become an even cooler student city. For example, you can apply for the campus fund, where you can get funding for events, workshops, and much more.

Kolding is a student city for those who want to combine academic excellence with personal connections. Here, you can thrive in open, joyful, and hospitable surroundings - at your own pace. You can cultivate community and new friendships both on and off campus. Design and culture are also part of the package in Kolding.

Below, you can read more about the student city and the many offerings for students.

SDU Kolding set udefra over åen.


In Kolding, we have more than 45 higher education programs offered by Syddansk Universitet (University of Southern Denmark), IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding, UC SYD, and Designskolen Kolding (Kolding School of Design). All the educational institutions are located in a consolidated campus area close to the city center.

The Nature Right Outside Your Door

If you're in need of a break from studying, from school, from everything – without leaving the city – take a walk, run, or bike ride in Marielundskoven, which is located just beyond the city center. It's a charming forest area with good trails, lakes, and perfect moments away from your books. You can also opt for the light version: a stroll around Slotssøen (the Castle Lake) near Koldinghus, where you'll find the scenic Kærlighedsstien (the Love Path). If you're into mountain biking, you shouldn't miss out on a trip to Stenderup Skovene (the Stenderup Forests) and Skamlingsbanken, popular destinations for mountain biking enthusiasts. During the summer, the fjord entices with several bathing spots. For example, try the newly constructed bathing bridge in Strandhuse, just a 10-minute bike ride from the city center.

A stream running by a field and some cowsAnne og Josephine på en indhegnet engBadebroen ved Lyshøj Fjordbad

Good Career Opportunities

As a student in Kolding, you have excellent career opportunities both within the city and its surroundings. Kolding is a growing city, attracting many businesses to establish themselves here. The city is also known for its strong collaboration between the business community, educational institutions, and Business Kolding in creating study jobs and internships.

Entrepreneurship Galore

Kolding is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. If you find yourself captivated by the dream of starting your own venture during your studies, there is plenty of help available. You'll find a wide range of support services for aspiring entrepreneurs at Pakhuset, the entrepreneurial hub in Kolding.

To learn more about the guidance and support you can receive from Business Kolding, you can explore their services and resources here.

"My career started when I enrolled in my education"

Searching for a job can seem like a daunting task. Where do you start? What are your skills? How do you convince people that you're the one who should get the job?

Read about how Simon got his dream job."

From student job to career
Billede af Simon Juel Bundgaard

Do you want to save money?

Kolding offers plenty of specialty stores and affordable supermarkets. The city center is cozy and located right next to the large campus area. If you want to go on a shopping spree, Kolding Storcenter is not far away and is Jutland's largest shopping center. There are also opportunities for student discounts in many places, such as stores, cafes, theaters, nightlife venues, and many other places.

Get a student discount
Tunnel with lots of graffittiTo frivillige i Food Reformers holder en pose med brød og en kurv med mad foran nogle skraldespandeView over the city from Stejlbjerganlægget

Students friendly Library

In the heart of Kolding, right by the train station, you'll find the city's state-of-the-art library. The library is highly geared towards students, offering many resources and activities. The staff is helpful, and there are several excellent study rooms available where you can study alone or in groups. Many students describe Kolding Library as a "home away from home" during their study time.

Ninas favoritspots: Nina kigger på bøger

Getting Around

Since we're in a provincial city in Jutland, you'll probably notice that many of your fellow students have a car. However, you absolutely don't need one to get around. The advantage of living in a smaller city is that everything is close by – whether it's the next hangout spot or your new friends. There's no need to spend money on transportation when you're in Kolding because you can walk or cycle to almost everything!

Det røde kollegie NY

A place to live

While new students in Copenhagen and Aarhus may have to couchsurf for the first six months, you can calmly embark on your new life as a student in Kolding. There are over 1,200 youth and student accommodations in Kolding, with the majority ideally located near educational institutions and the city center, making it quite easy to find an apartment.

At, you can sign up for housing and learn how to get housing guarantee. You can also find an overview of available accommodations, with the cheapest options costing only 1,400 DKK.

In addition to student housing, there are plenty of private landlords where you can search for your future home. If you're looking for someone to share the living space and chores with, you may be lucky enough to meet your new roommate on, where you can search for both roommates and accommodation.


Kolding is a cultural city with many opportunities - also for students. Concerts, theater, exhibitions, or hikes - you can find inspiration for it all at

You can also read more about all the cool places in town you should know, right here.

Two women looking at images at TrapholtLarge group of people at an outdoor koncertLarge images hanging in Trapholt

Art and Design

Kolding is known as a design city, and at the Trapholt art museum, you can experience the wildest and most beautiful exhibitions. The museum is also called the "jutlandic Louisiana" because it is beautifully situated by Kolding Fjord. Trapholt hosts various art and design markets several times a year, which are definitely worth a visit.

Nicolai Culture

The Nicolai cultural complex offers a wide range of offerings for the culture-hungry. Here you will find an art cinema, concert hall, gallery, and workshops where you can unleash your creativity. In the courtyard, there are outdoor cinemas, free concerts, and changing exhibitions during the summer.

The Pride of the City

We cannot mention culture in Kolding without highlighting Koldinghus. The old royal castle is one of the city's landmarks and now functions as a museum for changing exhibitions. We highly recommend going up the giant tower, where you can enjoy the view of the entire city, the fjord, and the Castle Lake.


If you have music in your blood and perhaps play yourself, visit Godset, where many young people have rehearsal rooms and share experiences. Godset is the city's largest and most visited venue for larger, established artists - both Danish and international. Pitstop is also widely known for their diverse concert program beyond the city's borders.

Performing Arts

You should definitely not miss a trip to the theater. In the city center, you will find Kolding Regional Theater, which not only offers stage art but also hosts concerts, talks, and other events. In the city, you will also find Dronning Dorothea Theater and Comwell Theater, which is often visited by the country's biggest comedians.

Looking for a community?

Do you want to do yoga with other students, fight food waste with like-minded people in Food Reformers, create culture, or just meet new people?

Whatever your dreams are, there is an abundance of opportunities among the city's many associations, clubs, and communities for young people.

In our community corner, you can search for communities based on your interests. There is definitely something for you!

Community Corner
Iben from food reformers holds a basket full of food

Night life

Of course, there is also nightlife for all the festive hours. There are several nightclubs, bars, and cafes open late at night, as well as a number of good pubs. All of this is located in the city center - where all the other students also gather. So, there's no reason to stay at home and get bored on the weekends.

AL Passagen

You can't miss it. Here you'll find a number of cozy bars and cafes where, as soon as the sun comes out, you can also sit outside in the charming courtyard environments.

Kolding Classic

Knuds Garage is a place you should try at least once. Knuds, as the place is commonly called, undoubtedly has the potential to become a regular spot, and a considerable amount of Slots beer has been served over the counter over the years. If you stick to bottled beer, you'll get a long way on your student budget. Feel free to come on Wednesdays, which is the weekly quiz night.

Party through

The Old Irish and Tordenskjold guarantees cheap drinks and happy hour. And since we're in the province, there's definitely no shame in going all out and partying through the night. You certainly won't be the only one.

The brown pubs

Perhaps an unexplored area when it comes to bars and nightlife, but definitely worth a recommendation. In Kolding, we certainly don't lack brown pubs, and it would be a shame if you didn't enjoy a cold one at Bykroen.

Stay Fit

In Kolding, there are plenty of opportunities to stay fit, whether you prefer solo workouts in the beautiful nature or group training with like-minded study buddies. Here are just a few of the many options available.

Outdoor Training

Kolding is located in a scenic area surrounded by water and forests, offering ample opportunities for outdoor exercise. It's easy to access the water and take a refreshing swim, with the bathing bridge at Fjordvejen being a highly recommended spot. The hilly terrain is also great for running or cycling to get some kilometers in your legs.

Outdoor Training Facilities

Instead of sweating it out with others at the gym, you can find various outdoor training facilities. Check out the training pavilion at Troldhedevej or the one at Kvarterhuset for outdoor workout options.

Beach Volleyball

Sand, sun, and a ball. Beach volleyball can be played year-round in the heart of the campus area in Kolding. There are six to eight fixed courts available for use, even if you're not a member of the Beach Volleyball Club.

Kolding Climbing Club

Kolding Climbing Club offers Jutland's largest indoor climbing hall. If fear of heights isn't one of your phobias, the climbing club offers trial days where you can try your hand at the sport for a small fee. Read more here.

Campus Sport

There are many new initiatives aimed at making it easier and more affordable for all the city's students to stay in good shape. Check out all the cool offers from Campus Sport here – many of the classes are even free!

Explore the possibilities here

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