Ninas favoritspots: Nina i genbrugsbutik aflang

Nina's favourite spots


Nina's favorite spots

Nina Gantriis Møller is 22 years old and studies Communication Design at Designskolen Kolding.

Nina moved to Kolding last year, and she says she spends a little too much time on her studies. But when she's not deeply immersed in study projects, you can find her at Slottet, which is the design school's Friday bar, where she works behind the bar.

What do you wish you had known when you moved to Kolding?

It might have been nice to know that many people move to the city to study, so there are plenty of others in the same situation, eager to make new friends.

Favorite spots

"Kig ind - nyt og brugt" (Thrift Store)

You can find treasures here for almost no money! This applies to both clothes and shoes, but especially furniture and other knick-knacks. And the people there are just super nice! I usually go there with my roommates when we're done with school.

Rebæk Beach

Here's a genuine sandy beach where we've enjoyed swimming on hot days. You can also take a walk further along the beach, where you'll find the most beautiful nature. We usually go there in the summer - as soon as the sun is shining. When I moved to Kolding, I was surprised by the amount of beautiful nature in and around Kolding.

Knud's Garage

It's simply the place to have a beer in Kolding. It's cozy as hell, and you'll meet many other students on a Friday night. We usually gather a big group from the school there. On a Friday or Saturday night, or any other night if there's something to celebrate.


Once a month, 27B is transformed into JazzHouse, which is an event with live music by young and upcoming artists. There's always good music and an equally good atmosphere! We are a group of young people who organize JazzHouse, and we always make sure there's great music!

Food Reformers

Food Reformers isn't exactly a place, but a group that focuses on food waste in Kolding (I'm also involved, so yeah, it's a bit self-promotion). They organize a lot of cool events in Kolding related to the climate, such as Dumpster Dinner, Climate Bar, swap markets, and much more.

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