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Your study time is the beginning of something new

a new everyday life in a new city, new friendships, parties, and love interests. It's also a time for education and building a career network that can take you where you dream of being in the future.

At Campus Kolding, you can choose from many different educational programs with a high academic level. But we also care about everything else that creates a good student life, lived on a student budget.

As a student, you have a campus environment where everything is within reach. We have a cozy and safe city center with bars, cafes, and small shops, and nature just around the corner when you need to recharge outside. We're known for our flourishing art and culture scene, and our underground culture is just as lively - with concerts, events, and workshops that attract visionary people and innovation to our city. And thanks to our strong design roots, good job opportunities, and close ties to the business community, we have a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship and volunteerism, where you'll be met with a pat on the back instead of sharp elbows.

We are a small big city with a village heart - big enough to give you opportunities, small enough that you'll never get lost in the crowd.

Come and make your mark.