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Dance for students. It costs 25 DKK and you just have to show up.

4.45 PM - 6.15 PM

Nicolai Scene
Skolegade 2C

Kontakt: Christina Sapounidou



Free kickboxing for students. All you have to do is show up.

4.30 PM - 5.30 PM

Brostræde 3, 1. sal

Contact: Bente Lund



Free yoga for students. All you have to do is show up.

6.45 PM - 7.45 PM

Ågade 27

Contact: Laura Kohl



Free kickboxing for students. All you have to do is show up.

4.30 PM - 5.30 PM

Brostræde 3, 1. sal

Contact: Bente Lund



Free volleyball for students. All you have to do is show up.

3.30 PM - 5.30 PM

UC SYD Hallen
Universitetsparken 2

Contact: Karsten Strandridder



Saunagus for students. 35 DKK including access to Slotssøbadet.

From 7 PM - 10 PM you have access to Slotssøbadet.
Sauna infusion starts at 8 PM.

Registration is done on a first-come, first-served basis by contacting Kristian Bonde at



Free soccer for students. All you have to do is show up.

7.30 PM - 9 PM

Kolding Stadion, Marcus Allé 30, 6000 Kolding (Engen)

Contact: Issidor Kristensen


Grow well-being project

Grow is a youth organization that, who in close collaboration with Campus Kolding, aims to prevent discontent among students in Kolding.

The project utilizes volunteer well-being ambassadors, who are equipped with specific tools, a certificate, personal skills, as well as professional competencies. Participants therefore end up with an education for life!

There are 30 spots available across Kolding's education institutions.

More about the Grow project



The association Rock 'In House is a music organizing association at Godset with over 100 concerts per year. Godset is a municipal cultural institution dedicated to contemporary music, and besides excellent facilities for concerts, the venue also has rehearsal rooms and association premises.

As a volunteer, you can engage in everything related to the organization of concerts at Godset. The association's goal is to deliver optimal experiences for artists and concertgoers with the help of volunteers who are there because they are passionate about Godset, music, and community.

More about Godset and Rock 'In House



JazzHouse is a cultural and musical meeting place that presents young live jazz for a young audience and is run by young, volunteer music enthusiasts. JazzHouse is a part of Jazz I Trekanten.

JazzHouse takes place at 27B with two live concerts featuring great jazz, a DJ, cheap beer, total coziness, and a wild atmosphere.

More about Jazz House


Huset Fundament

Huset Fundament resides at Jernbanegade 54, sharing space with the legendary nightclub Pitstop. it is also the home of the volunteer association Pitstop til Fremtiden. Huset Fundament hosts art and project workshops, community dinners and has creative work spaces.

More about Huset Fundament


UNK - Ungt Netværk Kolding

UNK is a career network for young people in Kolding aged 20-30. The network is designed to provide career guidance and advice with contributions from speakers who can provide tools to help participants become proficient in the job market.

Currently, there are 40 members in the network, some of whom are students at educational institutions in Kolding and others who are in the workforce.

More about UNK


Bygning 5

Bygning 5 is a cultural center in the center of Kolding, located in the Nicolai complex, with space for cultural entrepreneurs, cultural actors, startups, creative initiatives, workshops, and counseling within most of these areas. Bygning 5 is also part of an extensive network within the cultural life in Kolding and can often help with contacts in Kolding.

There are several creative communities that you can join, housed in Bygning 5, within knitting and sewing, improv theater, music, and much more.

More about Bygning 5


Cosplay Club

Come and make cosplay in Building 5.

Whether you are a beginner or a specialist, you are welcome in the club as long as you are 17+. There will be geeking out and building communities.

Cosplay Club takes place in the studio in Building 5 every Thursday.

More about Cosplay Club


Metal Café

Metal Café is the place where metalheads gather and cultivate their common passion. The evening includes two concerts with bands that no one knows in advance since it is kept secret. Additionally, there is a Metal Quiz and a lot of "break noise" with all the famous metal hits.

Come and experience the cool atmosphere when metalheads party hard at Godset.

More about Metal Café



If you're a design student looking for a professional design community and want to ensure a social study life in Kolding, then HAU is definitely something for you!

HAU is a group of volunteer and committed students and graduates from design programs in Kolding. The goal is to provide design enthusiasts in Kolding with a strong design network by offering various design events and courses.

More about HAU


Swap Spot

Swap Spot is a collective wardrobe in Kolding, that is based on the swapping concept.

Swap Spot is an entirely volunteer-based community, that is always happy to welcome new members to the crew - grow with us and learn about all the benefits, you will get as a volunteer.

More about Swap Spot



Ventilen Kolding is a place where there are friendly people to hang out with. You will have someone to share small and big things with and someone to play games, go to the cinema or take a walk in the forest with. We have fun together, so you can strengthen your self-confidence or practice some of the social skills that you find challenging.

In Ventilen, you can be who you are. The volunteers ensure that everyone is included in the community and that everyone is seen and heard.

More about Ventilen


Boblberg helps people create new social relations and communities. On the platform, users can make a bobl to look for others to join them in activities, interests, hobbies, experiences, and much more. It can be anything from seeking a new running or workout buddy, a reading, food, or knitting club, an extra player for the football team, a place to volunteer, or something else entirely - the sky’s the limit when it comes to the possibilities of gaining new acquaintances.

More about Boblberg


Kolding Pride

Kolding Pride hosts Pride Cafés, which are a gathering point for the city's LGBTQ+ community, both queers and allies.
The Pride Cafés are located at R10, where there is a good atmosphere, coffee and snacks, and the opportunity for conversations about sexuality and identity in safe and alcohol-free surroundings.

Kolding Pride is also responsible for planning and organizing the Pride parade in Kolding every summer with activities, talks, and musical entertainment.

More about Kolding Pride


The Student Network

The most important task of the Student Network is to establish contact between our associations, students, the Campus Council, and businesses in Kolding, as well as to ensure and pass on the association life to the next generation of students.

More about The Student Network



FællesSkabet Kolding is a community fridge with free surplus food. The project is initiated by Food Reformers in collaboration with Riberdyb10. Once per moth they have a volunteer meeting, where you can meet with other volunteers and get to know new people with a passion for sustainability.

More about FællesSkabet


Food Reformers

Food Reformers challenge, inform and broaden the knowledge about food waste and its implications on our environment. Food Reformers is addressing the problems through a participatory approach, by involving and encouraging citizens and businesses to take action against food waste and overconsumption. 

Food Reformers is creating social events and advocating for reducing food waste.

More about Food Reformers


Pitstop til Fremtiden

Pitstop til Fremtiden is a voluntary association with the aim of building the bridge between young art and cultural creators and the creative business world.

The association is a catalyst for artists’ path into the professional industry, while also being a social lever for creative young people outside the labor market.

More about Pitstop til Fremtiden


Trapholt ArtMates

Trapholt ArtMates is a group of approx. 10-15 ambassadors, who plan and develop cool events and activities for other young people in and around Kolding.

We seek to empower 18-30 year olds, who are interested in art, design and craft.

More about Trapholt ArtMates