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IBA erhvervsakademi Kolding

At IBA Business Academy Kolding, we offer advanced full-time and part-time education programs, including business academy, professional bachelor, academy, diploma, and master's level programs.

We have programs in sales, marketing, finance and economics, management, IT and web, entrepreneurship, project management, digital marketing, sustainability, technology, and 3D printing.

At IBA Business Academy Kolding, we place a great emphasis on our students' practical application of theory. Therefore, we work closely with private companies, both locally, nationally, and internationally. All of our full-time programs have built-in internships for 3 or 5 months, and our career advisors are ready to match you with the right internship company.

The academy has more than 150 full-time employees and over 1,300 full-time students. In addition, we offer master's programs and all types of continuing education.

IBA is located very close to the city's other higher education institutions in Campus Kolding. The train station is only a few minutes' walk away. Our distinctive golden building with a glass slit won the municipality's architecture award when it was completed in 2019. Inside, it houses an embracing study environment where you can participate in a wide range of social events, such as Friday bars, running clubs, movie nights, board game afternoons, and various cultural events.

It is essential that you thrive in your studies, which is why we have our own well-being and SPS counselors. We also have a psychologist and a priest attached every week, who can help you through your studies.
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Phone: 72 11 82 00