How do you find a place to live? What does it cost? And what about housing benefits?

Live comfortably, centrally, and affordably

There are over 1,200 youth residences in Kolding, most of which are located in the city center within walking distance of the campus area. Since 2015, around 400 new youth residences have been constructed near the campus area. Additionally, there is a wide selection of central and affordable apartments that you can rent either alone or with roommates.

Housing benefits

You can apply for housing benefits for all youth residences. You can read more and apply for housing benefits on

For residences that require a deposit, a municipality-guaranteed deposit loan can be applied for at the Citizen Service Center.

Student housing

Find your student housing through StudentKolding - completely free of charge.

StudentKolding is a platform where you can search for all student housing in Kolding. You therefore do not have to sign up with several different housing associations - and it is free to search.

Campus area

There are over 1,200 student housing in Kolding. Most are located in the city center and within walking distance to the campus area.

Since 2015, approximately 400 new student housing have been built near the campus area.

When can you move in?

You are allowed to move in three months before your education starts, and you can stay up to three months after you graduate. It is possible to move in on either the 1st or the 15th of a month.

Some places allow you to stay up to one year after you graduate.
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Private rental accommodation

In Kolding, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect accommodation. Whether you prefer a shared apartment with other students or your own private apartment, the city has it all.


Are you looking for a room to rent? You can search for your future roommates on websites such as Findroommate or Findroomie. Many students also find their new roommates in the Facebook group DSKD Underground.


Boligportalen is one of Denmark's largest rental housing portals. On Boligportalen, you can find everything from rooms to apartments and houses in Kolding.


Metropolis in Kolding has 130 student apartments with private bathrooms and kitchenettes. There is also a laundry room, free fitness facilities, a TV lounge, and a large shared kitchen.


Bolighub is a cheaper alternative to the established portals with a large selection of rental properties in Kolding, and with a particular focus on helping foreign and Danish students.


At Boligzonen you can finde both regular apartments and student housing. There is also a knowledge zone, where you can find articles with good advice for your apartment hunt.

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