We are here for YOU!

Campus Kolding is the name of the municipality's effort aimed at student life in Kolding. It is built on a strong collaboration between Kolding Municipality, the four higher education institutions, and actors across culture, business, and leisure. We are here to ensure that you have the best possible student life in Kolding!

So, how do we do that?
We hold events such as the study start festival KONTUR, Welcome to Kolding, and Slotskampen.

If YOU have a great idea, we can help you realize it. We can connect you with partners, help spread the word, and even give your idea a financial boost if you apply for funding through our campus fund.

There is ALWAYS something happening in Kolding, and we make sure you are up to date on the coolest events every week. So follow us on Instagram and avoid FOMO.

If you are new to town or just want to know more about Kolding's hidden gems, we've got your back. On this page, you'll find information about student housing, cool places you need to know, and where to get the best student discounts. We also have a list of the city's many unique interest groups ranging from literature, art, and music to volunteering, sustainability, and much more. We also have several offers for sports and training that are FREE for students!

“We are here to ensure that you have the best possible study time in Kolding!”

Malu Uldall Møller
Student city coordinator
79 79 54 08

"I am responsible for everything related to the good student life outside of education. It is me who plans and executes events. Contact me if you have any wishes or ideas that can create a better study time."

Portræt af Malu Uldal Møller

Mikael Sorknæs
Chief consultant | Team leader
42 41 61 54

"I am responsible for the collaboration with internal and external stakeholders who are interested in developing Campus Kolding.

It is my job to translate political ambitions into strategic directions and concrete initiatives aimed at student life. Please contact me if you have an idea for a collaboration, partnership, or project."

Portræt af Mikael Sorknæs

Iben Østergaard Fog
Development consultant
79 79 63 53

"I am responsible for coordinating the collaboration regarding the internationalization of Campus Kolding and the transition of graduates into the workforce.

It is my responsibility, along with various higher education institutions, to create the framework for a welcoming and successful study period in Kolding for international students. Additionally, I am tasked with working with relevant stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition from student life to the workforce for Campus Kolding graduates.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for initiatives or efforts within these two areas."

Coworker Iben

Kristine Lund Nydahl
Communications consultant (on maternity leave)
79 79 88 65

"I am in charge of communication at Campus Kolding. I create graphics and content, update the website, and respond when you write to us on our social media. Contact me if you have an event you would like us to share online."


Sarah Busch Hansen
Communications consultant (maternity substitute)
79 79 98 38

"I take care of all communication tasks while Kristine is on maternity leave. I am therefore the person you should contact if the website needs to be updated, your event needs to be shared online or something else entirely regarding communication."

 Employee Sarah  (Communication consultant)