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Become a part of a brand new campus where you can study pedagogy, educational assistant, sound design or graphic communication.

At UC SYD's brand new campus in Kolding, you will experience a fantastic study environment in the new building, which is beautiful, open, welcoming, and invites collaboration across programs.

At UC SYD Kolding, you can study Pedagogy, Educational Assistant, Graphic Communication and Sound Design. As a student, you have access to brand new and modern classrooms, workshops, a cinema, and sound studios. At the same time, you have the opportunity to shape your education and everyday life in the city's newest study environment at UC SYD.

A large atrium is the centerpiece of the campus stretching through all six floors of the building and featuring platforms, stairs, and entrances and exits to and from various rooms and facilities. The large central space is also used for socializing, group work, and student life. It is also the center of one of the largest atrium multi-speaker installations in the world.

The many users of the large space can hear various forms of sound art at specific times of the day, year-round. It creates a fantastic setting for student life and the atmosphere of the house. And of course, the speaker installation is also used in the Sound Design program and in research projects.

Stop by and take a look inside.
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