The Campus Fund

In the Campus Fund, you can apply for up to 5,000 DKK in support for student events and projects.

Other funding opportunities

You can also apply for support through Turbopuljen and Kulturpuljen. Additionally, you can contact the municipality's fundraising unit to inquire about other funding opportunities.

What do you dream of doing?

Do you want to reintroduce the Slice Championships?

Organize a short film festival with an award show and prize ceremony at Campus?

Hold a big party with entertainment and live music for all the city's students?

Or something completely different that we can't even imagine, because it's YOUR cool, unique idea?

Then you've come to the right place!

The Campus Fund in brief

The Campus Fund is a quick fund where you can apply for up to 5,000 DKK in support for student events and projects. You will receive a response no later than two weeks after we have received your application - longer response times may occur during holiday periods.

You are welcome to book a meeting where you can get feedback on your idea.

How to apply:

Send an email to describing your idea and what the financial support will be used for.

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The purpose of the Campus Fund is to contribute to strengthening the broad collaboration to make Kolding an even more attractive city for studying and education. The fund aims to encourage and support a lively and active student life in Kolding Municipality.

The fund supports the following focus areas:

• Sports
• Culture (concerts, events, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, performances)
• Academic events
• Social events
• Meeting places and facilities for community-building activities

Support is provided for marketing and materials for the above events.

Who can apply?

Students enrolled in one of the city's four higher education institutions (SDU, UC SYD, DSKD, and IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding) can apply for support.

What can be applied for?

Grants are given to events and initiatives that would not normally be feasible without financial support.

The following aspects will be considered in connection with the applications:

  • Collaboration across educational institutions is highly valued.

  • The activity is an event, it must take place in the Campus area, for example at one of the four higher education institutions or in the outdoor area near the educational institutions.

  • The events must be open to the public and accessible to students from the higher education institutions.

  • The events must take place in Kolding Municipality.

  • The events must be publicly announced.

  • The Campus Fund can be applied for together with funds from other grants, foundations, sponsors, etc.

What cannot be applied for?

As a general rule, subsidies are not granted for

The following types of expenses:

  • Remuneration of the organizers of the activity.

  • Commercial activities.

The following types of activities:

  • City festivals, amusement parks, etc. where students as a target group are not clearly defined.

  • Activities that are underway or have been completed at the time of application.
    Lectures where the topic does not relate to one of the stated objectives.

  • Private activities.

  • Activities with charitable, religious, or political purposes.