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Creative solutionsin small places

Created 14 February 2024


Creative solutions in 36 sqm

Just because the square footage is limited doesn't mean compromising on the interior design. We visited Julia Christiansen, a Communication Design student at the Design School. She shares her experience of moving into a studio apartment alone and explains why she prefers not to buy things from IKEA.

What is it like living on your own?

I was a little afraid to move out here on my own because I had never imagined living alone before. But I realized it wasn't so bad after all, as I spend a lot of time on school, work, and with friends. It's also nice that I can live so centrally and, overall, in the city of Kolding, you can walk to most things.

Have you considered the layout of your home?

Yes, I have, as I only have 36 square meters to work with. So it's important to make the most of every inch of space. Since my bedroom, kitchen, living room, and workspace are all in the same room, I've had to think creatively about how to best utilize the space.

I also received a trick from a friend who suggested using a wine rack as a shoe rack. I think it's clever to repurpose something from a thrift store and find a new use for it.

Something that is important to me is that the things I have in my apartment have meaning to me. For example, I have a mirror and a dresser that I inherited from my grandmother, which I am really fond of. This also makes the items in your apartment more unique, as they are not something you can just find at IKEA. Additionally, it makes it harder to throw away those things because they hold greater significance to you, which is also more sustainable.

What have your thoughts been regarding the interior design of your home?

Actually, I made a drawing of how I envisioned decorating my home before moving in, as well as a mood board. I did it to visualize the apartment and get a sense of what it would be like to live there. Additionally, I built this table myself using plywood that I had cut at Bauhaus, so I could just bring the panels home and assemble it. I even made instructions for assembling it.

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