Natascha og Helena sidder i hver sin sofa i deres farverige lejlighed (aflang)

Lots of spacefor people

Created 10 May 2023

Lots of space for people

Meet Helena and Natascha, who study at Designskolen Kolding and SDU, respectively, and live in a shared house with a total of four students. Here, they showcase their cozy home and talk about what it's like to live together.

What do you think is the best thing about living with others?

"One of the best things is that when you go to bed, you know you're not alone. If something were to happen, there are more people around. It's also great that when you're sitting in the living room, you can 'share' the silence together. I mean, be together while being alone," says Helena.

Natascha adds, "It's nice, especially if you've moved to a new city and don't know anyone, to have people around you. For example, you can just step out of your room and there will be someone in the kitchen or somewhere else. Because I think, for instance, it can be difficult to live alone during holidays when you might not know who's in Kolding, but when you live with others, there's almost always someone at home."

Have you made any specific considerations regarding the interior design of your home?

"Much of it was already furnished when I moved in because I moved in half a year ago. So Natascha probably has more say in that area," says Helena.

"I started this shared house with three others last year. It was completely empty when we arrived, and we had to furnish it ourselves. Almost everything we moved in with is still here," Natascha explains and continues:

"Our thoughts regarding the interior design were that it should be cozy and that there shouldn't be too many expectations regarding the style, as different furniture wouldn't necessarily match. So nothing 'goes together,' but in a way, it makes sense because nothing matches. The priority was to have plenty of space for people, including guests."

Helena og Natascha hænger ud på deres hyggelige træterasse
Kommode, planter og billeder i Helene og Nataschas lejlighedNatascha sidder i en vindueskarm og kigger ud af vinduetIndretningsbillede fra soveværelset

Helena adds, "We describe it as a mix of different furniture since each of us has contributed something to the apartment. That also means that we can't fully control how the apartment turns out. But that's also what I think is great about it because it was possible for us moving in to leave our mark on it. For example, by bringing in a sofa or hanging up a picture. I like that it's a bit eclectic. It adds some personality and makes the home less 'stiff.'"

What is your favorite area in the apartment?

"Up here... the living room," Natascha answers immediately. "Well, besides our own rooms," Helena adds with a laugh.

"But that's probably because the living room holds a lot of memories. We have a shelf full of board games that we've used a lot." "We also use the living room for work because there's plenty of space to sit and spread out if you want," Natascha explains. "It's where we gather. For example, one person can be playing the piano while others sit and talk."

"But we're also really fond of the terrace. When the weather is nice, it's our favorite place to be."

Where do you spend the most time in the apartment?

"It's probably the living room - or the kitchen." "Definitely the kitchen," Natascha adds.

"We often end up being in the kitchen at the same time because we have to eat at the same time, so we're there a lot. Not necessarily because it's where we prefer to be, but the food is there," Natascha says with a laugh.

Guitar, plante og anden indretning i lejligheden
Gul skrivemaskine, blomster og spejlHelena og Natascha hænger ud i deres sofaGrøn væg og træhylder med potteplanter og bøger