Christian takes a photo of his friend at Trapholt

Christians favourite spots

Created 9 June 2023


Christian's Favorite Spots

Christian Anov is studying a bachelor's degree in finance at IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding. Christian moved to Kolding in 2019 after commuting for a year.

Do you have any advice for new students?
I would definitely recommend new students to move to the city where they are studying. When you commute, it can be difficult to participate in various social activities. Personally, I am quite spontaneous, so moving to my study city has given me more freedom and flexibility.

"AL Passagen - The perfect meeting place for a drink or beer with your fellow students."

Christian's friend in front of some art at Trapholt

What are your favorite places in Kolding?

Trapholt - Museum of Modern Art and Design
Trapholt is a beautiful place with cool art exhibitions, and their café offers a perfect view of the fjord. You should visit Trapholt if you want to enjoy an afternoon with someone you care about.

AL Passagen
The perfect meeting place for a drink or beer with your fellow students.

Slotssøen (The Castle Lake)
It's a regular part of my running route, but I also use it for walks with my friends. If the weather is nice, I recommend stopping by Låsbygade and getting a waffle ice cream for the trip.

Kolding Storcenter (Kolding Shopping Mall) Kolding Storcenter is a nice place for a good shopping trip with your friends. I've spent many hours there. There are plenty of shops and cafes.

All the pizzerias in Kolding
Kolding is called Slicetown because the city has more pizzerias per capita than any other city in Denmark. So, if you need a quick dinner or perhaps something for your hangover, there are plenty of options for pizza, kebab, durum, etc. here in Kolding. Marco Polo Pizza is my local pizza dealer.

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