Elise tager billeder i Marielundskoven

Elise's favourite spots

Elise kigger ud over søen i Marielundskoven

Elise's favorite spots

Elise Katrine Andersen is 21 years old and is studying Design Culture and Economics at SDU Kolding.

Elise has been living in Kolding since she started her studies.

"One thing I really like about Kolding as a student city is that it's small and you really get to know each other. There is also a great international environment. Personally, I think there is a good social atmosphere, but of course, it's something you have to contribute to yourself," says Elise.

In addition to two study jobs, Elise is busy with volunteer work in SDU Sport Kolding, HAU - a network for design students, the party committee at SDU, and the Friday café Ubåden.

"If you're new to Kolding, I think it's a good idea to get involved in organizations like these, where you have the opportunity to meet other students from different disciplines and years."

Elise also finds time for sports and creative projects outside of her studies.

"My friends and I sometimes have creative days where we paint, sew, play music, etc. Both HAU and Pakhuset often organize really good creative events. In addition to creative projects, I'm crazy about sports. I played soccer throughout my childhood, and I really miss it here in Kolding. That's why I've been working on starting a women's team through SDU Sport."

Favorite spots

Marielundskoven and -søen (lake)

It's one of my favorite areas. It's really beautiful and perfect for picnics and jogging.

A.L. Passagen

One of the coziest and liveliest places in Kolding is A.L. Passagen, where Mokka, Vinbaren, and Den Engelske Pub are located. My favorite place is definitely Den Engelske Pub, which always has themed nights, pub quizzes, live football or live music, and over 200 different beers.

Slotssøen (Castle Lake)

I walk around Slotssøen every day. It's really nice to have lunch on the lawn or have a beer by the lake in the evening with fellow students.

Rebæk Strand (Beach)

During the summer period, I often go there with friends. On the way, I usually follow the stream down towards the marina and further out to the beach.


Trapholt Museum should also be on the list. They have really good exhibitions and know how to create an exciting interactive space.


Many events, street food, and other pop-up stalls are held here. I often shop at Økokompagniet, which is a fruit and vegetable stall that stands at Akseltorv every Tuesday and Friday.

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