Slotskampen 23

Created 19 June 2023


Slotskampen 23

Thank you for an amazing party at the dodgeball tournament Slotskampen (the Castle Battle) on May 17th!

It was a windy but absolutely fantastic day when the Castle Battle took place on campus.

Seven teams competed for the Golden Castle Trophy while their fellow students cheered them on and partied.


The party kicked off with a bang, featuring a drag show by Mizz Privileze and an hour of free draft beer.

Super Sonic from Sonic College emerged victorious and had the honor of taking home the Golden Castle Trophy at the Friday bar.

Food Reformers provided surplus food that could be heated over a bonfire.

There were cool prizes for the teams with the best team spirit, best battle cry, and best costume.

Slotskampen winning teamMizz Privileze and Super SonicFour boys at the Castle BattlePeople at the castle battlehappy young womanyoung people at the castle battleball in the aira four person teamteam outside the fielda guy eating baked goodsA girl is getting merch from Knald Sikkert KoldingPeople in front os SDU watching the game