Created 10 May 2023


Slotskampen 23

Campus Kolding and Café Ubåden invite all students to the høvdingebold (dodgeball) tournament, Slotskampen, on May 17th!

So whether you're a student from UC SYD, IBA, DSKD, or SDU, you're invited!
The winning team will take home the
trophy to their Friday bar.

It's not just on the field where prizes can be won. There are prizes for the teams with the coolest costumes, funniest battle cry, and best team spirit.

The first 5 teams to sign up will receive cinema tickets.

Will we see you on May 17th at 3:00 PM on the lawn in front of SDU Kolding?!

Three reasons why you should attend

You'll be entertained

With both drag performances by Mizz Privileze and plenty of dodgeball, you won't be bored. If you feel like moving around a bit, you can participate in beer yoga.

You'll be provided with food and drinks!

There's an hour of free draft beer, and you can make surplus campfire bread with Food Reformers. We've also made sure that you can purchase supplies at both Café Ubådens bar and Allan's hot dog stand.

There's a great atmosphere!

DJs from Sonic College will provide great music, the players are dressed up, and there are cool prizes at stake for the best chants and team spirit, so a great atmosphere is guaranteed.

Seks unge slapper af og drikker øl i solen


In addition to the Slotspokalen trophy and cool prizes for the winning team, there are prizes for:

• The team with the best costume
• The team with the best fighting spirit
• The team with the best battle song

The Official Rules

A team consists of 5 players + a maximum of 2 substitutes.

Two teams play against each other at a time.

On the field, it's 5 vs. 5.

There are three balls in play at a time, placed in the middle of the field at the start.

The game starts with players standing on their respective backlines. When the referee blows the whistle, the game begins. Players must touch their own backline before they can shoot at opponents.

If hit by a ball, a player must immediately leave the field.

If a player catches a ball thrown by the opponent, the opponent is out. Additionally, the catching team gets one player back on the field.

Defending oneself with the ball is allowed.

Stalling is strictly prohibited. The timing of stalling is at the discretion of the referee, who can penalize a player in such cases.

A match lasts a maximum of 7 minutes or until one team has no players left on the field.

If both teams still have players on the field after 7 minutes, the team with the most players remaining wins. If both teams have an equal number of players, the match ends in a tie.

A player can only participate on one team throughout the tournament.

All players must be registered in advance, and therefore, substitutions during the day are not allowed.

In special cases, the organizers may deviate from this rule.