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Created 12 December 2023


Events in 2024

2024 brings plenty of exciting events to Kolding. Here's an overview of some major events, so you can mark your calendar in advance.

KOLD Festival - February 1-3
Join concerts at various locations around the city, including a free concert at UC Syd. Learn more at

Open House - February 3
Visit IBA, SDU, UC Syd, and Designskolen during the Open House at Campus Kolding. Explore a student residence, meet Campus Kolding, and enjoy a free concert. More info

Student Ball City Final - February 23
Discover Kolding's top four football teams, advancing to the national final on March 16.

Student Ball National Final - March 16
Denmark's best student football team will be crowned during the national final held in Kolding. More about Student Ball

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Research Day - April 19
This year's program is yet to be determined. Last year's Research Day focused on sustainability. Researchers from across the campus gave presentations, Kanyouvest hosted a knitting workshop, and there was free communal dining.

Slotskampen - May 8
We'll find the best dodge ball team in all of Campus Kolding! Expect costumes, draft beer, music, and great vibes. See how it went down at the
Slotskampen 23.

Culture Night - August 30
The city comes alive with events during Culture Night. This year, you can also meet Campus Kolding and the four higher education institutions. More info to follow.

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KONTUR - September 5-6
Celebrate the start of the academic year with a bang at our two-day festival at Godset Ujnfor. Enjoy cozy activities, workshops, food stalls, and incredible concerts. See how it looked at

Intro Kolding - September 26
Meet the city's many associations and get introduced to the numerous offerings for students in Kolding at the Intro Kolding start-of-term fair.

Afterstudy - October 23
Students from high schools across the country visit Kolding to explore a field of study they're curious about. In the afternoon, we tell them about Campus Kolding and give them a tour. In the evening, we host an event where current students are also invited. This year, we had communal dining and drag bingo.