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Research Day

Created 2 May 2024


Together about well-being

At the Research Day 2024, we gained insights into youth and well-being!

On Friday, April 26, we focused on youth and well-being at SDU Kolding.

Here, we gathered researchers from the city's higher education institutions for a joint research day event. We shed light on a topic that has received significant attention - especially in Kolding Municipality, where the well-being project GROW has recently been launched across the higher education institutions, aiming to strengthen the well-being of the city's students.

The event featured research presentations with various perspectives on well-being. After the presentations, the art museum Trapholt shared their project, where they, in collaboration with four other art museums, initiated a series of initiatives to promote well-being among young people.

Presentations at Research Day

Søren Bøjgård Schleicher (UC SYD)
Associate Professor, Department of Education

Title: Transformative Role Modeling - A Path to Student Well-being

Students in higher education thrive when they perceive that their own skills align with academic and social demands. Can we teach high-achieving students to also be inclusive role models?

Mads Bärenholdt (SDU)
Ph.D. student, Department of Design, Media, and Educational Sciences

Ane Qvortrup (SDU)
Professor, Department of Design, Media, and Educational Sciences

Title: The well-being of young people in youth educations

Based on a brand-new survey of well-being among youth in secondary education, Qvortrup discusses what it means to thrive (or not) and illustrates how the well-being of young people is. She focuses on various types of well-being, emotional, social, and academic well-being. As part of the presentation, she also highlighted what we can do to strengthen well-being.


Can the unique spaces of art museums and the materiality and ambiguity of art contribute to enhancing the well-being of young people and fostering immersion in an accelerating society?

That's the question 5 art museums from across the country have come together to explore in partnership with researchers from the Center for Youth Research. Trapholt, Louisiana, Kunsten, Nivaagaard, and Brandts will explore in various ways throughout 2024 how artistic methods can enhance the well-being of young people as both a preventive measure and a way to address existing challenges.

Researh Day Ane Mikael Sorknæs (moderator)
Program for the 2024

3.00 PM - 3.05 PM: Welcome by Mikael Sorknæs (moderator)

3.05 PM - 3.20 PM: To be announced soon

3.20 PM - 3.35 PM: Presentation by Søren Bøjgård Schleicher (auditorium)

3.35 PM - 3.50 PM: Presentation by Mads Bärenholdt (auditorium)

3.50 PM - 4.05 PM: Presentation by Ane Qvortrup (auditorium)

4.05 PM - 4.20 PM: Joint Q&A session

4.20 PM - 4.35 PM: Break and refreshments

4.35 PM - 5.00 PM: Presentation by Trapholt and networking


In addition to a lot of exciting presentations, the event also featured activities.

Collaborative Artwork
Trapholt presented their collaborative happening inspired by their current solo exhibition 'Shaping a Pattern' by Danish artist Maria Torp. Here, participants were invited to contribute to the artwork by placing a fingerprint on a canvas.

Badge Workshop
Campus Kolding hosted a badge workshop so participants could create their own creative badges. It was the perfect opportunity to add a creative touch to one's clothing, bag, or something entirely different.

Badge workshop
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